Hany Fatmawati, Purwidi Sumaryanto


This study aims to find out and find out the School Marketing Strategy in Darul Ma'arif
Vocational School which is right in marketing Mix which includes 4P (Product, Price,
Promotion, Plance). The method used in this study is qualitative with a descriptive approach.
The data collection techniques are observation, interview, and documentation study. For
observations made observations related to new student admission activities in the new school
year. The parties interviewed were principals, deputy headmasters in the student field, chair
of the new study committee reception committee (PPDB), 2 Parents of Students, and 2
Students as informants. Documentation studies are carried out by taking pictures directly and
requesting archives or files of the TU staff. The advice given by the school based on the
conclusions obtained is that it is necessary to increase the strategy that is more significant in
order to get quality and superior students.
Keywords: Strategy, Marketing, Registrant Interest

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